The Bath Nut Co. is a small artisan boutique style company that creates All-Natural Handcrafted Soaps and Bath products using premium oils, butters and other natural additives. We select our suppliers carefully to ensure that our products come from the country in which they originate. For example, our Pure Shea Butter is shipped directly from Ghana, our Bergamot Essential Oil is flown in from Italy and our Sage Dalmatian Essential Oil comes from Spain.

I am a mom and having children with severe eczema and irritated skin sparked my passion to develop a soap that contains no artificial ingredients or chemical. However, with a desire to enhance my products and take them to the next level, I began to customize a soap that specifically suited my children’s needs. After blending new and unique formulas, I created seven soap bars that became the staple brand of the company. In addition to our pre-customized bars, we are also able to formulate individually tailored soaps which are created and personalized for our customers specific needs.

Our oval shaped soap bars are uniquely designed to be comfortable to hold and also allows for a better grip when wet. Lastly, we have a wonderful selection of body scrubs, body butters, aromatic shower steamers and massage oils.


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